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The Center is an IRS recognized 501-C (3) charitable educational organization. No one is paid and all funds go to the work of the Center. Although our focus is on Honey Bees, they are really the "poster child" for what has gone wrong in our environment. A world in which honeybees struggle to survive is unhealthy for human beings as well.


There is no official 'membership' and there are no dues. Anyone interested in a clean and sustainable environment is encouraged to join our all-volunteer effort and contribute their unique skills. At present the Center's efforts are concentrated in three areas: 1) Public awareness of the challenges facing our pollinators through conferences and events like our Annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Event 2) Remote monitoring of colonies around the globe in real time via Hivetool  and 3) Our on-going longitudinal study, Project Genesis. These important initiatives have been made possible through the generous contributions of engaged individuals. (A list of those willing to be named can be found on our Donors page.)

Why should eveyone on the planet be concerned about the plight of the bees? Because agriculture has mophed into industrial megafarms totally dependent on commercial pollinators (honey bee colonies rented to fertilize flowers.) Dependence upon chemicals has eliminated native pollinators and ANY GROWING THING besides the intended crop! Not only must colonies be trucked INTO fields to ensure yields but they must be trucked OUT afterward to prevent starving in what becomes for them a 'food desert'. Such crops as almonds, cherries, citrus, berries, melons, squash, apples, cucumbers and peppers will become pricier in direct proportion to honeybee population.


People ask how they can help. We’d like them to become beekeepers and volunteer for Center projects. If not, they could plant flowers and flowering trees that bees like. Or they could influence their friends or civic leaders to take a sympathetic stance on issues which affect pollinators. At the very least we hope they refrain from applying chemical toxins to the land.



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