Solidarity Sunday

 Join us for 2 jazz

quartets at the Block

off Biltmore Sun. Feb.26

3-5 PM. Proceeds

benefit the Center!

Bee School 2017

Registration is now open

2017 Bee School

March 4 & 5th

in Asheville! 

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  Finding and Promoting answers to create a world

 safe for bees.

Welcome to the Center for all things bee!  

Here, you're part of a solution - having an interest, an awareness, and a willingness to help not only bees but beeings like ourselves inherit a world with an inclusive future. Thank you.
We invite you to join us in that pursuit and feel the satisfaction that comes from working on something important. The bees teach that - and if we listen perhaps they can lead us to answers our ears are not used to hearing.

C  E  N  T  E  R      F  O  R     H  O  N  E  Y  B  E  E     R  E  S  E  A  R  C  H

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